About South Star International Hotel

At the heart of Hawassa city 273Km (170mi) south of Addis Ababa lays the splendid south star international hotel. The presence of this five star hotel complements the beautiful city of Hawassa. This landmark complex is one of the newest additions to the hawassa skyline, a growing southern Ethiopia city and a major tourist destination. South Star International Hotel is decorated with artistic and eye catching interior designing. Our spacious pool, spa, garden court, cosy lounge and dinning restaurants offer unforgettable dining and guest experience. Our accommodation is also remarkable.


We are doing this business to serve our customers with love and care and to show our culture and heritage to the foreign peoples.


To be one of the best serving hotel in Ethiopia.


We are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction. We do whatever it takes to keep customers happy and also create repeat business.

We offer with quality and both mix modern and traditional cultures

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